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If you have been searching for someone to repair your gate, then you’ve come home. We provide high-quality gate repair services for automatic gates, security gates, residential gates, commercial gates and remote gates among others. Our company, Electric Gate Repair Encino has modern tools & equipment to handle any repair work. All you need to do is inform our team, and we’ll immediately dispatch our service trucks. For your information, our services trucks can handle any repair job including welding on the spot. That’s why all our works are completed on the same day.

Open Twenty Four Hours for Emergency Gate Repairs

You’ll agree with us that if there were a way we would plan to avoid emergency gate breakdowns and malfunctions, life would have been more enjoyable. Unfortunately, that's not the case, and no one can do that except getting prepared to handle such situations. If you want peace of mind and immediate response, we advise you to keep in touch with Electric Gate Repair Encino techs. We understand what emergency malfunctions and breakdowns mean. They not only compromise your security but can also force to spend your night outside, especially if your gate malfunctions in the evening. With us, you won’t be worried since we are ready to respond to calls for emergency gate repairs on a 24/7 basis.

Whether your gate is the latest brand or the old manual types, a simple breakdown can become a nightmare if you do not seek immediate help. You’ve definitely experienced such situations, and you know what it means to you. To reduce the chances of gate problems inconveniencing you, we advise you to have it checked regularly. Electric Gate Repair Encino group of specialists can do that for you, so you live knowing that experts are just a phone call away from you. We never disappoint or fail to respond to calls. That’s why if you went round Encino asking about these services, someone would definitely direct you to our company. We are happy to have evolved into such a company in the Encino, CA area. In fact, we are trying our best to even go beyond those limits. Be part of us and enjoy the amazing emergency and other gate services we offer.

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Gate Parts that Should Be Inspected and Fixed Often

Some parts of your gate can be problematic especially if they are mishandled and not inspected for safety often. At Electric Gate Repair Encino, we know these parts well, and we are always ready to help you keep them free from problems. But which parts are these that can give you a headache? Well, they include remotes, tracks, wheels, openers, hinges & rails, security devices and panels among others. We can help you keep these parts free from any functionality problem. Our technicians have been fixing these parts, and they know what they need to function correctly.

Apart from repairing and replacing gate parts, we also offer other services such as welding and installation. In fact, theirs is a specific type of gate you’ve always wanted to have, but it’s been difficult to get, then we are the company that will help you get it. We are a licensed company and also insured as required by industry rules. Aside from that, we have the permission of top brands to install their gates, repair their parts and replace those that can’t be repaired. That gives you the assurance that, indeed, we are ready to tackle any job you have and keep your gate free from any issue.

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Security & Safety

Do not let your security and safety be compromised by a malfunctioning gate. We are ready to fix it right away! You, of course, know that having a beautiful and functioning gate simply means enjoying top security at home. Besides that, your home, or business will also be good and attractive. With Electric Gate Repair Encino Company as your preferred service provider, you’ll never be exposed to security or safety threats. All the customers we have offered our services have always expressed their satisfaction and improved security as well as the functionality of their gates. You too should enjoy and live peacefully. We can help you realize that so that it does not remain a dream forever!

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